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                             BIOGRAPHY AND VENUES

      As a storyteller for over 15 years, I have told stories to young and old . My story collections are local regional history,  Oklahoma women, lawmen and outlaws, plus ghost legends of Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

      My Childrens  Program has traditional, tall tales, Christian, constellation stories, fairy tales and moral tales. I have collected many ghostly tales for Halloween. During Indian Summer Festivals, I have shared Osage, Delaware, Choctaw, and Cherokee legends.

      I am a member of the state Territory Tellers and National StoryTellers. My audiences have been in nursing and assisted living homes, schools, Sunfest in Bartlesville, Spooky Tales in Sand Springs, Telebrations, Gilcrease Museum, Drummond House, and KS Artist of Note. 

Native American Stories by Dianne Fallis

Saturday 1 PM · Green Country Storyteller ·

Indian Summer Festival 

Dewey,  Oklahoma


Halloween Event by Madame Dianne Fallis

Saturday Time: 6-8 pm

Ghosts and Halloween

Spooky Tales by Dianne Fallis

Bartlesville, Ok

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